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In a world of increasingly generic and franchised real estate, Shelley Naylor has always been defined by her friendly approach and fresh spirit. So we created an ‘unbrand’ as relevant to today’s digital generation as it is to the market’s paper history.

We delivered

Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, print advertising and marketing.

Our Approach

To ensure Shelley stands out in a category defined by conformity we needed to un-follow convention.

Visual and verbal identity

It was never about a logo. Instead, we set out to infuse the brand’s fresh approach across everything it touched. Taking inspiration from what was already in place, we reshaped the brand to have a lighter approach.
Giving the design a distinctive voice we removed the need to plaster the logo everywhere. Instead of a strict brand structure, we created a set of tools to enable people to recognise the tenacious spirit behind the brand.
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